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A lot of us love technology, and for good reason — it makes our lives easier, connects us with friends near and far and entertains us to no end. Online dating is the perfect marriage — excuse the pun — of technology and romance. Back in 1995, only 14 percent of single American adults had Internet — much less dating profiles. These days, according to a July 2018 study, “nearly nine-in-ten Americans are online.” That’s a pretty impressive change in 20 years. Over the years, any stigma of saying, “we met online” has evaporated. C’mon, find your potential partner online.

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Ellen: “My now-husband Dylan and I met on www.top5professionaldatingsites.com in May 2012 and have been married since July 2013. I was nervous to meet him, but not necessarily because he was from the Internet. I’ve made a lot of really good friends from different sites on the Internet, going back to my high school and college days. It’s something that I used to be really embarrassed to admit to people because meeting people on the Internet seems like a weird, scary thing to a lot of people! I think the stigma on that has changed some, as people connect with others more and more via the Internet. But a few years ago, it was a weird thing for sure. When we tell our story, especially to older family members, we often just say that we met ‘through friends,’ which is kind of true! It’s easier than explaining how we met on the Internet, and not through a dating site or anything.

We’d been following each other for a while, and had chatted on dating sites for a serious relationship before because we had a lot of similar interests — mostly obscure horror movies, which really brought us together. I was living in Brooklyn at the time, and Dylan was in Oakland, but he had friends who lived in NYC, so when he was coming to visit them, he told me he would be in town, and asked if I’d like to meet up! We decided to meet at a midnight movie at Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg (basically the most obscure thing we could do). We saw the movie, stayed at a bar talking until closing time, and that was really that! We decided quickly after that night that we wanted to be together, and within a few months Dylan had moved across the country to New York!”

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